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Working with Gate 21 Solutions
You may be wondering what a project engagement with Gate 21 Solutions looks like. What is your involvment? How do you provide feedback? How do you know when we're done? All valid questions. The diagram below shows the life-cycle of a project when you choose to work with Gate 21 Solutions.
  • understand your vision for the web solution
  • understand level of complexity and cost constraints to set general scope
  • understand your time constraints
  • consider phased approach to development versus all at once approach
  • provide estimates (time and material) or quotation (fixed price)
Job awarded
to Gate 21 Solutions
  • joint meetings with you to discover and refine requirements for the system
  • create System Requirements document, including screen prototypes where appropriate
  • you sign-off on functionality / scope as described in System Requirements document
  • review and refine scope and effort estimates based on greater details
You sign off
on scope
  • design and coding by Gate21Solutions
  • continual unit testing during development
  • regular status reporting to you on progress
Development and
unit testing complete
  • system level testing based on real-life usage scenarios
  • abnormal scenario testing to ensure system is robust under unusual conditions
  • stress testing - how does the system behave under load
  • release of system to small group of beta testers (these are typically your friends who are interested in your new web site and have some knowledge on the use of the site)
System tested
and stable
  • general availability of web site to public
  • Gate 21 Solutions provides a higher level of availability when a system is first commissioned to resolve any glitches quickly
  • conduct a Lessons Learned exercise with you (what worked well, what didn't, what processes could be changed for next time?)
  • consider future phases of work if employing an phased approach to developing the web solution
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