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"The proof is in the pudding" as they say. Anyone can talk a good game, but the best way to choose a web solution provider is to view their work and hear what existing customers have to say. Below is a selection of web sites designed by Gate 21 Solutions.
Wanner Mennonite Church
"In my mind a good church website helps to build community by being a virtual meeting place, helps with stewardship by reducing paper waste, and occassionally introduces new visitors to your congregation. Gate 21 definitely delivered on all this and more for Wanner. Beyond that Mike is a great guy to work with through the process. I wholeheartedly recommend them as a great solution provider."

Cam Shapansky
Partner, Blue North
Church Chair, Wanner Mennonite Church
Wanner Mennonite Church is a small church on the outskirts of Cambridge, Ontario. The church recognized that many of its attendees and residents in the surrounding neighbourhoods used the internet for everything from purchasing movie tickets to researching a school project. Why not create a web site ... and one that served as more than just an on-line brochure?

The web site includes these features:
  • Viewing and listening to sermons
  • Bulletins and calendars
  • Church directory
  • Schedules
  • Photo Gallery
  • User profiles
All of the features described above can be maintained by church staff through easy to use administrative screens. Access to all screens is controlled by a robust security model that allows church staff to grant or deny access to individual screen based on the user.

The site was developed as a framework that can easily be used by other churches since the look and feel has been separated from the underlying logic.
Oakridge Acres
"We have worked with Mike Thiessen of Gate 21 Solutions from the inception of our business five years ago. Mike has created an ever expanding website that reflects us and our company. He is creative, easy to work with, flexible and a visionary. We credit our inviting, easy to use yet professional website with increasing the growth of our business exponentially.We greatly appreciate the contributions Mike has made to the success of Oakridge Acres Country Meat Store."

Mark & Cindy Gerber
Oakridge Acres Country Meat Store
Oakridge Acres is a country meat store located just outside of Ayr, Ontario. The store focuses on selling healthy food - food that is either free of preservatives, designated as organic or fair trade.

The proprietors, Mark and Cindy Gerber, wanted a web site that conveyed the same values and feeling that they base their business on. While the site is feature-rich, it maintains a simple interface with an emphasis on ease of use.

The Oakridge Acres web site was developed as a reusable framework for small businesses. Customers can place orders, stay up to date on current store events, and view the ever-expanding photo gallery. Since the web site was designed with full administrative capabilities, Mark and Cindy are able to keep the web site fresh and up to date themselves.
"I am a sculptor and visual artist and it's important that I have a web site that represents me and my work in a subtle yet dynamic way. Mike has spent time with me developing such a site and I can recommend Gate 21 for a personalized and creative approach. He works hard to realize the potential of ideas presented to him rather than resorting to formulaic arrangements."

Chris Stones
Stonestudio is the brainchild and passion of Chris Stones, a well-known artist in the Thunderbay, Ontario area. Chris wanted a simple and elegant design where images of his art work would do the talking.
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